Netflix wants more green for the Blu

I used to work at a video store, and it was the coolest job I ever had until NETFLIX SHOWED UP! The store had to close because we didn’t hand deliver the movies and pop the popcorn for customers. Just kidding, I actually am a fan of Netflix. Its cheap, quick and easy, and you cant really forget that movie you were gonna rent last time because you can put it on that list. But just a heads up for those of you who arent aware, (which probably isnt that many because its everywhere) Netflix is upping what you owe if you like Blu-ray. Yep, let the riots ensue. Depending on what plan you have its going up anywhere between $1 to $9. turtle1Apparently Blu-ray has become more popular and its costing Netflix some extra dough to keep up with the demands. Therefore it costs us extra dough. But the riots wont last too long. Netflix is your best bet when it comes to movie rentals. I’m going to go enjoy my recenty delivered copy of Ninja Turtles. The one with Corey Feldman as Donatello. Oh yea.


Posted by: Ashley (intern)


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