OmniMount Delivers for Habitat for Humanity

In light of the current economic situation, more and more people are falling on hardships. Left and right people are losing their jobs, losing their homes, and sometimes a lot worse.

OmniMount has decided that there is something they can do to help their community. This week, the company donated product to their local Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Phoenix, AZ.

Habitat ReStores are retail outlets where quality, used and surplus building materials are sold at a fraction of normal prices. Proceeds from ReStores help local affiliates fund the construction of Habitat houses within the community. Many affiliates across the United States and Canada operate successful ReStores-some of which raise enough funds to build an additional 10 or more houses per year.

Materials sold by Habitat ReStores are usually donated from building supply stores, contractors, demolition crews or from individuals who wish to show their support for Habitat. In addition to raising funds, ReStores help the environment by rechanneling good, usable materials into use.

While OmniMount takes strong measures to help their dealers and suppliers, this donation was something the company knew would help on a whole other level. By supporting Habitat for Humanity’s efforts, they could give back directly to those in dire need, especially those in the Phoenix area.

If you or your company are interested in donating product to Habitat for Humanity, visit their website for a list of ReStores near you. If you aren’t able to donate product or monetarily, Habitat is always looking for volunteers. To learn more about volunteering programs, visit the Habitat website.


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