Is the Economy Just What the Family Doctor Ordered?

Though the consumer electronics industry may not be one of them, there are some big winners in today’s economy. Joining the likes of Walmart and McDonald’s benefitting in tough times is Netflix who recently announced a record second quarter and now has over 10 million subscribers. I also read that, as of yesterday, you can now buy or rent films in HD from iTunes.

As purse strings tighten, more and more families are staying home and enjoying the simple pleasures of home entertainment – movies, video games, and other forms of good ‘ole family fun to ride out the “R-session” (because I just don’t feel like writing that word any more than I have to). And the good news is, they seem to be having fun while doing it! CNN’s “At-home entertainment and family bonding booms” is the most recent article interviewing today’s families.

I don’t know about you, but I miss the days of family movie time. My siblings and I “called” our couch (or floor) seats and devoured microwave popcorn in about 48 seconds. I can’t remember the last time I played a board game. Oh wait, it was Scattegories at a friend’s lake house; the TV died and we were desperate. Video games? I have NO idea, but I’m guessing circa 1999 at U.R.I. Cards? Do drinking games count? (Dear boss, this is a joke.)

I am single and without kids, so though I may not be able to partake in as many of these budget-beating activities as I would like (the vision of buzzinig myself while playing Taboo is truly a depressing one), these reports are encouraging. Maybe our generation as a whole will be a benefactor of these times. (See Nick’s 2/19 blog – “The Untaught Lessons of Formal Education” – an on-point list of lessons and generalizations about Gen Y). Maybe it is THAT time for adults and children to learn to (re)appreciate the value of the dollar and the family.

…And, in case you were wondering (you weren’t, I know), when I finally DO get a house, the home theater is a MUST! …it’s good for the family, you know!?

Posted by: Katie


One Response to Is the Economy Just What the Family Doctor Ordered?

  1. Richard says:

    Usually being flat broke has something to do with how much fun we are having. Duds always have money, thats what they have to offer or you would never see them.

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