OmniMount: More than just TV mounts…

OmniMount was recently honored by Audioholics with two of the site’s 2009 Consumer Excellence Awards. This year’s winning products were selected based on innovation, serving both the consumer and also those which improve the business of custom installation dealers. OmniMount’s Viking Series RSF.5 and Gemini 1 were selected in the A/V Rack and Speaker Stand categories.

A little known fact for you (maybe)- OmniMount began more than 30 years ago as a pioneer in audio mount solutions. More recently, however, it has been OmniMount’s trend-setting flat panel mounts (check out the demo of the MotionPicture motorized flat panel mount series) and designer-friendly A/V furniture solutions that have earned the brand accolades.

Not today, as two other product categories in OmniMount’s arsenal garner recognition! OmniMount proudly accepted its two awards for the new RSF.1 half-rack – an out-of-the-box dream come true for custom installers – and its Gemini 1 speaker stands – offering affordability in style! Congrats!

Find OmniMount on Twitter.

Posted by: Katie | find me on Twitter … if you build it, I’ll write the award submission!


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