2009 Building Energy

This week marks the start of the 34th annual Building Energy Show, sponsored by the Northeast Sustainble Energy Association (NESEA).  One of the oldest shows in the country on renewable energy and sustainable construction, Building Energy brings together professionals from all over New England to discuss the latest designs and innovations in energy efficiency and green building.  Located at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, the show includes both a trade show exhibition and many conference sessions on subjects like geothermal heating and cooling systems, LEED certification, retrofits and energy effiency and the science of green building. 


One of Caster’s clients, the ‘g’ Green Design Center will be exhibiting at booth 646 to discuss its newly debuted franchise business.  I look forward to seeing and hearing from an industry that has been thrust into the spotlight recently, with the amount of money dedicated to renewable energy and green job creation in President Obama’s stimulus bill.  If there was ever a time to grow, develop and innovate, now is that time.  I also look forward to seeing how the conference itself and NESEA commit to sustainability as GreenBuild did late in 2008 at the same location. 

Look for a recap on the show early next week and follow me on Twitter for live updates! 

Posted by: Ashley


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