Watch the WBC, you might see some robots!

Despite the massive amounts of snow we have on the ground, believe it or not it’s baseball season. Teams have flown south (or west) to pick up the pine tar and rosenbags and get ready to entertain us crazy sports fans. Through the next 9 months, you will be hard pressed to find me doing much else than checking stats, watching one game or another or tuning in to “Baseball Tonight” (obviously not during working hours :)). This year marks a special one. USA is trying to revenge their laughable performance in the last World Baseball Classic, and prove that we can be #1. (Save your comments about the horrible timing of the Classic – we all agree.)

David Letterman recently got some help from the US team for his “Top Ten”, and the results are hilarious.

10. “Due to the economic crisis, we all have to share the same pair of pants.” – Jimmy Rollins, Philadelphia Phillies

9. “Japan has one of them crazy robot shortstops.” – Curtis Granderson, Detroit Tigers

8. “Because it’s an international event, our right fielder is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.” – Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox

7. “The winning team plays Neptune in the Galactic Baseball Classic.” – Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves

6. “It’s fascinating seeing how players from other countries scratch themselves.” – Roy Oswalt, Houston Astros

5. “You’ll be part of a cherished baseball tradition dating all the way back to 2006.” – Adam Dunn, Washington Nationals

4. “Because of the metric system, the games will be 6.83 innings.” – Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers

3. “Before each game, you get to sit through 30 different national anthems.” – Kevin Youkilis, Red Sox

2. “Australia’s secret weapon: a fast-throwin’ kangaroo.” – David Wright, New York Mets

1. “What else are you going to watch, hockey? – Derek Jeter, New York Yankees.

Some of the comments are way out there, but it was Granderson’s that got my attention. Hmm. I wonder if technology will ever take over America’s Pastime? So I got to Googling, and the results were somewhat interesting.

This group of guys figured out how to do it, at least one part of it. They have constructed a batting robot. The video, from YouTube shows their engineering genius.

AND I found out that there is such a thing as the Robotic Football League! The Robotic Football League is an organization dedicated to robot football, American rules. Teams of robots, about 12 inches high, battle it out, either remote controlled or autonomous. RFL rules mimic American rules football, allowing passes, running plays, and requiring a TACKLE to stop forward motion. Teams can be from 3 to 6 players on each team.

So while we all may laugh and joke about the fact that robots are taking over our jobs, they may be coming for our sports too!

Posted by: Lauren


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