Twitter as an App?

Twitter has caught on like wildfire around the world. Not only are us “regular” folks using it to update our friends, keep up with the latest news, etc…, you’ll also be hard pressed to find a celebrity that isn’t on it, twittering away from their CrackBerrys on some exotic island.

Started in 2007, Twitter was initially used as a platform to update your social network, possibly find some other random tidbits that interest you, but has since blown up to include everything under the sun.

Now, I admit, I’m not a Twitter fan. Personally I just don’t have the time (or motivation) to keep “tweeting” random updates all day long. But that’s just my opinion, and looking at the way this site has expanded over the past year and a half, I know I am in the stark minority. There are a lot of people that utilize this every day for things like keeping in touch with children, friends, finding opportunities for your company (as several “Casterites” have been able to do) and to get up to the second information from your favorite news sites. But what amazes me is how many companies are really embracing and exploiting the endless possibilities of Twitter.

Wired just wrote a blog post which talks about the crazy products and applications that stem from the popular site. One of my favorite has to be this company Botanicalls which sells a Twitter enabled that lets you know your neglected house plants are thirsty. It seems that people are figuring out how to do anything and everything through Twitter. New applications like “Twittershare” and “Tweetcube” allow users to share large music files. Twitter’s limited format of short, text-based announcements are a natural match for sites like TrackThis, which you can use to get status updates on FedEx and UPS packages, and Tweetajob, which job seekers can use to get real-time updates about new job openings.

Home automation programmers are even getting in on the action. We’ve all heard of your smart home being able to update you on the status of your home, for instance, when the door to the house is opened, you can get email/text alerts letting you know about the activity. One programmer actually set up an application where his dryer will “tweet” him when the cycle is done, so he knows when he has to go and fold them to avoid the dreaded wrinkles.

We all saw the race to create iPhone applications over the past year. I guess Twitter is the new “it” app that will have manufacturers racing to get their products integrated.

I find this absolutely amazing. While I may not be a Twitter follower, I am impressed with the ingenuity of its users.

I’d be intrigued to hear from you guys. Do you know anyone who has created a really cool Twitter app?

Posted by: Lauren


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