Turn up your Hearing Aid…Audio Matters in Home Theater!

Rarely but sometimes it’s best to let others do the pontificating for you. These times are often called Fridays.

According to DigitalTips.com, My Ultimate Guide to Consumer Electronics (allegedly), “The meteoric rise in flat-panel television sales and the increasing affordability of projection television have brought big-screen HDTV to millions of homes. But many of those households are missing out on the other half of the home theater experience. To complete your home theater systems, you need to complement your investment in video with an investment in audio. Why?.”

I like this article because it is not brand specific and it provides a comprehensive yet concise overview of the options available for building your audio system. Clearly one needs to consider the undeniable leader in audio electronics when considering any purchase but a little unbiased education can’t hurt.

Posted by: Nick

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