What’s your Geek Factor?

Friends call me to give them tips on which televisions to buy or speakers to purchase. They recently started asking me cabling questions, and worse, internet connectivity questions. After 6 years in the CE industry, I proudly share what knowledge I do have to help friends and family or direct them to other respected resources. It never occurred to me, however, that I was becoming “one of them”…until a few weeks ago.

I was looking at his mount. Yes, his mount. I was on a date, and while he was pouring a glass of wine, I was peering behind the 52-inch LCD to see what type of MOUNT it was affixed to. (WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!) I got caught geeking out. I was more than slightly mortified. I redeemed myself while he was explaining the features of the mount (great cable management, etc.) and I responded, “Yeah, it looks like an Architectural Series cantilever mount by OmniMount.” It was, and he was impressed. I then quickly segwayed the conversation into my profession as a PR representative for consumer electronics manufacturers. All was well until Super Bowl Sunday when a commerical prompted the discussion of why consumers would purchase a Runco flat panel versus a big-box brand. I thought, “I’m doing ‘it’, AGAIN. DOH!”

So, this afternoon, prompted by a Tweet by a Gizmodo editor, I took the GSAT’s (the Geek Social Aptitude Test) to see if I was becoming, or (worse) already, “one of them.” Adam Frucci writes, “Face it: We’re all geeks here, and that means we all have a measure of social awkwardness. But how much are we talking here? Teaspoons or gallons?” How do you spell relief? G-S-A-T!

My results: With a low score of 6, I am actually more like James Dean (for the record, 2 points were accumulated because of professional tasks/affiliations and should technically be omitted). You’re like James Dean, if James Dean were less attractive, less famous, less rich, alive, and interested in gadgets. You’re a relatively cool person, but that’s only relative to people who are seriously awkward, so don’t go patting yourself on the back just yet. You still read a gadget site in your free time.



Do you dare to take the Gizmodo GSATs? Don’t forget to share your results with us.


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