Daydreaming of Summer

I’m not a fan of winter.  And right now, we are smack dab in the middle of it.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t spend much of this season huddled under a blanket on my couch, dreaming of the days when t-shirts and flip-flops are all that’s needed to exit the house and the weekend destination is almost always the beach.  I’m a warm weather girl, despite having grown up in New England and lived here (with the exception of a brief stint in DC) for 24 years. 

Why am I blogging this?  Well for one, my blog day was yesterday and I missed it (slaps self on the hand) and today is Nick’s blog day and he is on vacation in sunny Florida visiting Mickey Mouse.  Also, it’s snowing today.  Again.  It is has snowed almost once a week since early December and it is starting to get very old.  The shoveling, the rock salt, the ice scrapers, the excessive clothing just to go outside.  Our driveway still has a nice thick layer of ice from the last storm and today we’ve been graced with another 4-5 inches mixed, of course, with sleet and freezing rain. 

So what do you do in the dead of winter when you want nothing more than some warm sunshine? 

I will say, living in Rhode Island is bit like being in an abusive relationship.   The winter beats you down, knocks all the vigor and enthusiasm for life right out of you and then spring comes.  Hints of warmth, sun, flowers, birds chirping through open windows.  Right behind spring, the honeymoon period – summer.  Summer in Rhode Island is nature’s way of apologizing for all the abuse in the previous months.  Hot, gorgeous beach days and cool nights to barbeque outside.  Of course, winter always returns and we’re left lingering for another honeymoon.  It’s hard not to fall for it.


 (Narragansett Town Beach, July 4, 2008 )

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