The American Presidency, v2.0

There are certainly a great deal of noticeable differences in Barack Obama’s style of campaigning and governing.  His 2008 presidential campaign raised more money online than any other campaign has ever managed to raise and the brilliant minds of David Plouffe and the rest of his team put together the best viral marketing campaign the country has ever seen.  How will that translate into his first term in office?  What changes will he make, what committments will he stand by that will truly make him our first digital president?

The first more obvious one is the return of the fireside chat, ala FDR style.  The difference is this time, we won’t be gathered around the radio by the fire listening to our commander in chief talk us through a tough economic time.  We will gather around our computers, browsers logged into YouTube, watching a video of our leader, broadcast right into our homes.  Additionally, Obama’s use of social media technologies such as Twitter, Facebook, and discussion forums in every state helped organize supporters and unite those from both parties.  Communication with our government has never been more accessible, and, if this continues, it will only grow. 

But how else will the Obama team’s use of technology affect our country?  Perhaps it will be in his committment to increased funding of science and new clean technological research to end our dependence on foreign oil and begin again to lead in medical and scientific discovery.  Or maybe it will come in his promise to my generation – to pay closer attention to our needs, to use sustainability as not just an ideal but a practice, so that our children and grandchildren will have a cleaner, safer world to live in. 

We are living in digital world, and to finally have a leader who not only uses it, but embraces it is a key factor in our future success and growth.  I know it is cliche and perhaps even a little trite, but I do have hope that we have a chance to restore the dignity and honor that the American presidency once held.

Posted by: Ashley / ashleyatcaster on Twitter


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