In anticipation of Obama’s inaugural address…

Like many Americans, I am waiting (not at all) patiently for the inauguration of Obama tomorrow.  I have been minorly consumed, reading article after article, even attempting to track event attendees on Twitter in preparation for tomorrow’s historical Tweets.

For the record, this is extremely unlike me. I am a non-politically charged Independent. I rarely obsess about anything. I am, however, completely disenchanted with the U.S. that has emerged from under Bush’s administration and am now counting the hours and minutes until noon tomorrow in anticipation of the inaugaral speech.

CNN posted “Monumental Expectations for Obama’s Inauguration Address”  noting, “President-elect Barack Obama’s inaugural address is one of the most anticipated speeches in decades, with many expecting his words to be chiseled into marble some day.” Words to be chiseled into marble…  weighted words (co-)written by a 27-year old. I am thrilled to welcome youth in the presidency and his staff into the White House.

Jon Favreau, Obama’s chief speechwriter, wears “dungarees” to work; my grandmother would roll in her grave as jeans had no place in her wardrobe. He admitted to The Washington Post that he procrastinates and, further, drinks Red Bull to give him proverbial wings when on deadline. A gifted 27-year old who texts his best friend, “Dude. We won. Oh my God!” after Obama won the election. 

He wears jeans. He is silly. He uses the word “dude” and, I’m sure, he probably texted OMG instead of spelling out the three-word phrase. I love it. I can relate. He is real. He is also intelligent, motivated, successful, and his words are about to be forever a part of American and world history.

I’m hoping that tomorrow and the next four years bring many things that are selfless and world-serving, that the country returns to calmer waters,  wash away the word “recession”, and becomes a proud nation again.  But I also hope the Obama administration, with all the youth, hope and positive support it brings, demands new standards and sets greater expectations.  That they are successful in redefining America’s voice to strong, resolved, and tolerant – anything other than a Texan drawl, please! I hope 2009 is history in the making. Our “generation” spoke and hopefully Obama (and Favreau) is listening.

T minus  16 hours to go.

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