CES Officially Begins

The 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show officially kicks off this morning. And unlike previous years, it has been unusually slow for us at Caster. With only two clients exhibiting (Paradigm, Venetian Tower Suite 30-133 and Universal Remote Control, South Hall 1 21235) CES has been, dare I say it, tolerable for us. We saw a trend with a lot of our clients this year deciding to forgo one of the largest trade shows of the year. The tumbling economy might have played a part, but we are seeing this trend with a lot of the CEDIA group. While CES is a great show for the hottest new gadgets and technologies, it doesn’t lend itself to the CI crew. Next year EHX Fall will be combined with CES and I am interested to see if this will boost the number of CEDIA manufacturers exhibiting at CES. But only time will tell.

CES has been plagued with a lot of rumors about its attendance this year. While some reports say that exhibitors and attendance are up, others report the opposite. I am interested to hear thoughts from those of you that brave the Vegas monorail and are going to CES. As the lone “Casterite” in the office (Katie works remotely so it is just me and my dog holding down the fort), I’m not experiencing the “joy” that is Las Vegas at CES first-hand.

If you have stories or thoughts about the show, let us know. For all of you who are in Vegas – how is it? For any of you who got to savor the holidays and are staying home, how did you come to the decision?

Posted by: Lauren


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