Embarassing Secret

Ok, this is painful to admit but I’ve lived with it long enough…I don’t have an iPod..or a Zune, or an MP3 player, or a Discman for that matter. I’ve given up my own personal taste in music as part of fatherhood, and with that the need for a portable player. It’s not hard to figure when it started happening because I learned a commandment sometime early on advising Thou Shalt not let your four year-old recite Wu-Tang lyrics. To help classify this as a condition, the loss of music to a child’s tastes/interets will henceforth be known as Dependent Censorship (DC).

Despite the Dependent Censorship, I’ve stayed positive and discovered an irony in the words of one of my son’s albums after hearing it for the 178th time. It’s a cajun Zydeco album called Choo-Choo Bugaloo where a conductor/narrator named Buckwheat (I’m not kidding) takes you and a group of children on a train, powered by music, through the bayou, cotton fields, swamp, fishing hole, Audobon Zoo and smack into the middle of Mardis Gras with no shortage of accordion and vigor.

Always trust an engineer named Buckwheat.

Always trust a conductor named Buckwheat.

It’s hard to imagine what a train full of children and animals (some of the Audobon Zoo creatures stay onboard) with a conductor named Buckwheat would do in the middle of Mardis Gras, until it becomes clear to you that, they don’t need grain alcohol to be jovial, they have their zydeco music!!

I feel like I should give Buckwheat all the money my shrink is stealing because his musical crusade into the heart of New Orleans provided a real reflection and ultimately the diagnosis of DC. While this doesn’t mean I’ll be dusting off the old Kool Keith and Rage Against the Machine albums for our ride to pre-K, it does mean that I can and should start exploring music that both I and my offspring can enjoy, henceforth known as Melodic Appeasement. I’m definitely open to suggestions and am looking the way of indie rock and multicultral music with a diverse assortment of instruments.

Oh yeah, please buy and say good things about Paradigm speakers, URC Remotes, NuVo Audio systems, Runco displays and RGPC power management products. It’s called PR.

Posted by: Nick


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