CE industry is full of Geek Goddesses…

CE industry editor Dan Tynan recently posted a blog entry, Interview with the Geek Goddess, in which he interviews the author of the recently published “How to Be a Geek Goddess”. The colorful interview (as author Christina Tynan-Wood also happens to be Dan’s wife and takes a few shots at his fashion sense) focuses on Tynan-Wood’s new book touting ‘practical advice on using computer with smarts and style’ and the ‘coming feminization of tech’.

It begins with “Is technology different for women?”. The interview is fairly brief and there are a few comments that could be classified as ‘bashing’, but I am chalking them up to working with a significant other and humor. It is always refreshing to read some candid answers from a woman who is spreading the geek acceptance factor among females (check out her website Geek Girlfriends). Yup, I visited the site and just signed up for the newsletter. I know, I’m a geek, but I’m a GIRL geek and we have to stick together.

As a professional in the consumer electronics industry, I found one of Tynan-Woods’ viewpoints in particular on point… “Women simply relate to technology differently than men do. We have a different aesthetic. I’d never go near those shoes you are wearing for example. (Or really any of the stuff you have on. Is that a cheap poly blend?) That doesn’t mean I don’t know how to dress. Different does not mean stupid.”

As PR professionals, media, and CE manufacturers we all tread along the same fine line when it comes to marketing and promoting technology to women. Do we dumb it down, change the color, add a mirror? (Have I shared the story of the car salesman showing me the interior mirror as the 1st feature when I was purchasing a new Jeep? Seriously? He immediately lost my business.) Tynan-Woods provides an interesting take on the topic and I’ll probably check out the book.

It doesn’t have to be pink, but chances are if you offer it in a color other than black, I’ll take it.

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2 Responses to CE industry is full of Geek Goddesses…

  1. dt says:

    hey katie,

    thanks for the shout out and the link. xtina makes fun of my fashion sense 24/7, when she isn’t making fun of something else I do.



  2. ruthseeley says:

    Wanted to let the folks reading your post on Geek Goddesses know about Ada Lovelace Day and taking the pledge: write a blog post about a woman in technology on March 24. Still more than 300 folks need to sign up (it’s an ambitious, 1000-person pledge).

    Here are some details:


    I wasn’t able to get the widget on my corporate blog (I just wasn’t in the mood to learn the language known as php today), but there’s a click-through badge on my personal blog, http://www.ruthseeley.com. (I love having this much advance notice, although I’m finding it hard to write about just one woman.)

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