Green at CES?

The economy is down and everyone’s wondering where the next wave of trends will come from.  Many market experts have cited green technology and sustainable development as being leaders in helping the economy climb out of its hole.  Interested in seeing this so called green tech in action?  With 2009 International CES just around the corner, you are in luck.

This year, CES plans to display an area in North Hall called “Greener Gadgets TechZone” where attendees can find “pioneering technologies that benefit the environment and sustainability of global economy.”  In order to exhibit in this area, manufacturers must have highly innovative products that do not need to be plugged in, products that do not harm the environment, or products that run on alternative or renewable energy sources.   CES also stresses the fact the products should be made with “minimal or zero” harmful materials. 

It sounds like they’ve done a good job of avoiding greenwashing and hopefully we’ll see some truly innovative products in this area.  Any other interesting things you’re looking forward to seeing at CES?

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One Response to Green at CES?

  1. Ashley:

    One “green” product that will not be in the Greener Gadgets TechZone at CES09 is the new Tailwind electric bicycle from Schwinn Bicycles.

    Featuring the new SCiB battery technology from Toshiba, the Tailwind is the fastest recharging eBike in the world — 30 min. vs. 3- to 4-hours for most eBikes. In addition, the Tailwind can be recharged a guaranteed 2,000 times vs. the industry norm of 1,000 recharge cycles.

    Interested CES attendees can see the Tailwind at Sands booth #74840. Journalists & analysts can also take the Tailwind for an indoors test ride at the Showstoppers media reception Thurs. evening at the Wynn.

    For more info, visit or


    Poppa P, for…
    Schwinn Bicycles

    c/o SOAR Communications
    801-523-3730: work
    801-556-8184: cell email blog blog
    @PoppaP4SOAR: Twitter

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