It’s the little things that build relationships…

One of the things I love most about PR is relationship developing. Rarely do I refer to a friend in the industry as a “client” or “co-worker” and never outside of an industry event. When in street clothes, we are friends, right? After 5 is after 5; a fantastic time to get to know clients and partners without pretense or objective.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to meet up with a (industry) friend from Playback Magazine on the Green Mountain slopes of Vermont (some golf, we ski). A great opportunity to share the powder-day and build a better relationship. After a few runs (don’t worry, I passed the “girl” test with flying colors), the group headed to a peak where we encountered the Poma – the “pogo stick of ski lifts”. Had I known the nickname, I may not have attempted.

The “poma” is “…unlike any other lift that you will see on a ski hill. Poma lifts derive their name from the main manufacturer of them, Pomagalski. A Poma lift is essentially a pole with a seat suspended from a set of springs that connect it to a high-level moving cable. The springs in the arrangement give the impression of a pogo stick and hence the nickname…”

I was tentative – we are “friends”, but are we friends?

Here’s a video similar to my 1st attempt on the pogo stick of the hills… add to this video about 50 meters of dragging while a lift operator chases me yelling “LET GOOOOOO….”. It’s the little things… Ouch.

Well, I can officially report that we are FRIENDS because he has yet (to my knowlege) to share this incident with anyone. I can also officially report that I will be investing in golf lessons and sticking to trade show dinners for networking.

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