Apple Pulls Out of MacWorld

Probably one of the biggest stories of the past 24 hours has been a rather surprising announcement made by the folks over at Apple. Steve Jobs will not be attending this year’s show, not giving his acclaimed presentation, and to add insult to injury, Apple will be pulling out of the show entirely in 2010.

Now I am not an Apple user, I don’t even have a iPod, but this came as rather interesting news to me. In an industry so focused on trade shows, Apple once again goes against the norm. Who knows, could they be starting a new trend? Companies often create their product roll-out schedule based on trade shows. Some companies will announce products three to four months early, just so they have new news at a show. Apple believes that they can market to their customers in other ways than MacWorld. Presumably the same ways we all introduce products during non-show times; by utilizing full bore PR and Marketing strategies. Once again, Apple forces other manufacturers to think differently. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to exhibit at a trade show, is there a better, more efficient way to announce new products to the media and consumers? Some will say yes, some will say no. As an agency that has launched products in every situation, each has its obvious benefits. But when it comes to the CEDIA crowd – I think you would be hardpressed to find a large manufacturer that would pull out of that show. Whether or not they had new products.

Now I am not saying that everyone should pull out of tradeshows alltogether (although August and December would be much more bearable months! :)). Shows are undoubtely a great way to get messaging across. Where else do you have exposure to hundreds of press at one time. I just think that Apple’s perspective on MacWorld is interesting, and I’m sure will spark much debate.

To read the article, click here.

Posted by: Lauren


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