OmniMount videos intro new Power55 motorized mount…

Today OmniMount announced the company’s newest addition to its MotionPicture Series – the Power55 motorized cantilever mount. In an effort to spice up the new product intro we used HD videos to highlight some of the product features and benefits for installers and consumers. 

What we needed for the project:  (1)  HD digital camcorder with mic, (1) product, (some) borrowed spotlights, (1) savvy OmniMount brand marketing team with (1) fantastic video editor, and the (1…and only) undiscovered (until now!) talent of OmniMount’s Erick Valkingburg.  

OmniMount created seven original clips featuring Erick highlighting some of the important product benefits, while providing a (hopefully) memorable presentation for media and consumers. The videos are intended to be both informative AND fun. At little cost to OmniMount, I think they came out great! Check ’em out. (Also see my fave “Can you hear it?” below.)

The social media (press) release for the Power55 is HERE with product information, photos, the videos, and other relevant links.

Any feedback on the videos, the release, or any suggestions for “coming attractions” are appreciated.

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