Dear Storm Watch, I know the weather is bad…

It’s cold, rainy and windy here in the Northeast. It is uninspiring, it is depressing, it drains me of all motivation (not that it is stopping me from working, Katie says to boss). Storm Watch is indicating another storm it on its way, so there is little hope for improvement over the weekend. In fact, looking out my window is exactly like watching the evening news or reading my morning dosage online.


A media partner quipped that he takes all of our “PR adjectives” out of press releases. Really? I think a thesaurus would be a terrific gift to lend for the holidays, because if I read adjectives like “worst”, “horrific”, or like terms for one more consecutive day, it just may be enough to give me an anxiety attack. I am being facetious, but you get the drift. Am I alone here?


I went on a hunt for “good news” today. I found a glimmer of light, an article entitled “A little good news for a change”. Ah, I let out a sigh of relief. That sigh was quickly followed by a slap back into reality that the program was almost a month old and I had missed it. Disappointing.


I am in PR. Devouring media is my job. I truly like my job (and appreciate the fact that I have one). However, I am completely disenchanted with most media since the Lehman announcement sent all of our worlds into a tizzy. My mind and body’s threshold for negative energy and information is now at its maximum capacity. About, the recession, I know. WE KNOW. Now, what can we do to help? Help ourselves? Our family? Our clients? Each other?


Make suggestions on how to save money on utilities. Please, provide me with tips on tax breaks that I may not be aware of because I haven’t “needed” to worry about them in the past. Absolutely guide me and educate me on the cyclical nature of the economy and the history of the stock market. Announce the retroactive beginning of the recession… Not so sure we need that.


Can we, at the least, TRY to push the editorial wheels out of the mud?


I am not suggesting we do like ostriches. Information is powerful. Knowledge is key. But resilience and hope should not be underestimated. Please do not misinterpret positivity for ignorance. I know the problem, I just want to be part of the solution.


If you have good tips, positive news, or just want to share a laugh, feel free to send them my way.


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One Response to Dear Storm Watch, I know the weather is bad…

  1. Media semi pro says:

    katie, I’m a journo and addicted to the news, but like you wish the mainstream press would do more than just remind us how shitting the world currently is. Hype tends to perpetuate unrealities. The unreported fact about the economy is that most people still have steady jobs. most people have the same amount of money they had last year. most people are paying their mortgages and most people don’t have cancer. let’s concentrate more on the reality and less on scaring the shit out of our readers and viewers and we might get out of this with our minds in tact.

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