High Tech Holiday Decor

OK – I fully admit it. I am THAT person who starts singing Christmas carols in September. My father is the self-proclaimed “Father Christmas” and my mother is known for her over the top (but very classy) home decorations. It is only fitting that I have picked up this trait from them. Every year, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, my tree and outdoor decorations come out from the basement and line my home. My fiance is a true sport. Last year he got up on the ladder in 30 MPH winds and this year he braved the rain for me.

The only downfall of the holiday season is the extra energy costs for keeping everything lit. Granted my home uses very little electricity (with two people who are never home, it better), but every year in December and January, our energy costs rise about 20%. To combat this problem we use timers like most people. There are hundreds of solutions out there, but I came across this one today and wanted to share it with everyone. This company called “Solar Santa” has a plethora of solar solutions for your outdoor lighting needs. Everything from wreaths to string lights and everything in between. The company is a small family owned business based out of Philadelphia.

So this holiday season, don’t fret over rising energy costs, and DON’T think about not putting decorations up! Take a look at some of the solutions that Solar Santa has to offer.

Happy Holidays!

Posted by: Lauren


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