Recipe for launching a website in 4 weeks

Five people to research and draft copy
One very patient and passionate web designer
Two extremely patient and accessible web programmers
One photo editing program that freezes your computer on a regular basis
Two cameras (and several memory cards worth of photography)
One sitemap that changed daily
One brilliant logo design
Many, many, many changes
Several dashes of crazy
Six cups of blind determination

Throw in an overtired boss and you’ve got a fully-functioning, completely gorgeous (in my opinion) website. 

We’ve finally launched Green Life Smart Life, Caster’s newest client and brand new initiative in the green living and green tech space.  Along with the project comes the website – which will serve as our way of updating everyone what’s happening on the project on a day to day basis.

Visit the site and check out our labor of love


Posted by: Ashley / ashleyatcaster on Twitter


One Response to Recipe for launching a website in 4 weeks

  1. amiecn says:

    I happened to visit greenlifesmartlife a day or so ago…and I never would have guessed you did it in 4 weeks! Way to go – it looks amazing 🙂

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