Countdown to Turduckenfest


A special event occurs in Portsmouth, RI on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, at least for the last half-decade or so. Two dozen friends and family congregate at a wood stove warmed Colonial home in the Ocean State to celebrate and feast upon what has become the preeminent poultry product of our time. The partially-deboned turkey, stuffed with a boneless duck breast stuffed with a small chicken known as a Turducken is the centerpiece of a garish and gluttonous gathering where gallons of gravy and Guinness are gulped by gregarious guests.

As part of the Turduckenfest merriment, all revelers are required to don the most repulsive and eye-catching sweater they can find, usually taken from a Salvation Army or Savers clearance rack or salvaged from the deep recesses of an elders closet. When guests have arrived a series of drinking games begins the festivities followed by a roasting of the individual deemed to have worn the ugliest sweater.

Once roasting is complete, the Turducken is presented along with side dishes in a buffet style arrangement. Before consumption begins a Turduckenfest Toast is delivered including special remarks to honor the father of the Turducken, one Paul Prudhome. The cajun chef (and Dom Delouise look-a-like) is credited with being the first to stuff bird within bird paving the way for well-fed NFL commentator John Madden to bring it mainstream during his Thanksgiving Day football broadcasts.

Turduckenfest often runs into the late hours of the night with another round of drinking games and some light wagering on tests of human aptitude. Turduckenfest is over when the first person falls asleep. Known as “The Fowl” this person is reponsible for buying and cooking the Turducken for the next year.

Posted by: Nick


3 Responses to Countdown to Turduckenfest

  1. Pat Marcogliese says:

    Hi Nick,
    Strange request, but went on line to see where I could buy at turducken in RI for Christmas dinner and your article came up about your annual tradition which I think is today. Could please let me know where you got it. Hope you are having a good time.
    The crazy thing about this article is that we actually live in Portsmouth, RI
    Thank you,

  2. Nick says:

    Hi Pat – I only know of online sites where you can purchase a turducken, two of them being and

    As far as I know yopu can’t get them point of sale at any RI stores but I’d love to know if you found a place.

    Nick B

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