URC Helps Installers Find Employment Opportunities

Let’s face it, the economy is headed up the creek without a paddle. As we constantly see, budgets are being tightened, hundreds of people are loosing their jobs everyday. Without extra income, the CE industry is starting to feel the pressure. Many custom installers have been laid off in the past few months in order for owners to be able to keep their doors open. With the CI industry facing such hardships, installers are finding it difficult to find work. Universal Remote Control is taking an extra step to help their dealers find employment opportunities.

Today, URC launched the “Hook Up” forum on their dealer Control Room site. This forum is designed to help URC installers that have lost their jobs network with other installers around the country to help find new employment opportunities.

It’s called Hook Ups, and it’s a special Forum where custom installation professionals can network and exchange information about employment opportunities.

Need a gig, full time or part time? Interested in a freelance assignment? Maybe you’re looking to contract on a project or two?

Are you a retailer (maybe a user?) with a remote you need programmed? Do you want help with an installation; perhaps you want to contract a project, or hire from a pool of talented URC programmers.

We’ve Got Your back
Let’s face facts: things are getting tough out there, and some big retailers are closing up shop. URC wants to do its part to help YOU stay in the industry—and help you hook up with a company that may need that special programming or installation talent you possess.


URC has gone above and beyond the call of duty in ensuring that their dealers are secure. They are making every effort to help their installers through these hard times, and for that we must commend them.

Do you know of any other companies who are taking similar measures?

Posted by: Lauren


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