The tipping point of print media?

I was struck by an interesting article that Mediabistro sent my way this morning in Ad Age For Thousands of Laid-Off Mag Employees, a Long Road Ahead.

The article cites the now expected talk of the spiraling economy. Ad pages down by 7.4% in June (September and October should be shockingly higher). Layoffs heard round the world of media as Time Inc., Hearst and Conde Nast cut their staff. This is not the interesting part, in fact it was extremely disheartening to read on a cold Monday morning.

What I did find interesting was the contradictory opinion that “the print business isn’t going away”. It isn’t? Coupled with “We still don’t know where we are in the transformation of media from the industrial age really to the information age.” You are right, we don’t.

What we do know is that most office workers capture most of their daily news on the web. That everyday bloggers and other social media adopters are blurring the lines once established by print media. That this shift is now redefining our approach and expectations as PR professionals. That journalists with long-standing careers in print media are feeling the pinch because their deserved salaries rather than the quality of work. Postage is up and ad spending is down. The internet is constantly at our fingers. And on and on…

Will the impending recession of 2009 be the tipping point that shifts publications to all-digital and online media? Will it redefine journalism as a trade? Will it redefine the practices of public relations? It already has. Hasn’t it?

Posted by: katie

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