Disorganization, party of 1

I hit certain points in the year where I can no longer function without doing some type of massive cleaning.  Sometimes it takes place in the form of hitting delete in my Outlook until the number at the bottom of the screen doesn’t have a comma in it.  Other times, it means accessing my desk clutter, refiling, making binders, labeling folders better and recycling papers that are older than 6 months and at this point just mocking me with their pointless existence on my desk.

I am a habitual multi-tasker.  In typing that one paragraph, I checked my email twice and made three notes on my to do list.  Most jobs require you to have this ability – I’d consider mine more of a disease than a desired skill set.  I am forever wanting to be more organized but neither my brain nor my attention span possess the ability to actually get there for more than a day or two at a time. 

I have come up with some tricks to get necesssary items done – and most of them involve turning off my email and shutting down every single program besides the one I’m working in.  This usually means no Internet Explorer which is definitely a crutch in aiding my rampant multi-tasking / borderline ADHD tendencies. 

I can work very, very quickly on a project when push comes to shove – I am excellent at thinking on my feet, reacting appropriately and efficiently, and assessing problems in a methodical way.  But when it comes to linear thinking, I’m just failing miserably.  I’ve mostly adapted to it – but I just thought I’d ask – how do you stay organized and on task?  What helps you focus?  I’ve got 5 days to finish a number of projects before heading back across the country for yet another trip.  Advice is welcome.

posted by: Ashley / ashleyatcaster on Twitter


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