Every day more and more people are buying new electronics. Consumers tend to purchase a new laptop every 3 years and typically only hold on to a cell phone for 24 months. TVs (especially with the DTV transition just around the corner) are constantly being upgraded and discarded. But what happens to your electronics when you are ready to move on? Chances are you put them by the curb and the nice trash-man or “curb shopper” will take them out of your sight and never think of them again. But where do they go?

When electronics are just tossed, they end up in our already overflowing landfills, never to be used again. With the prominence of recycling and eco-conscious consumers, we are looking for better ways to get rid of our old electronics. How many times have you thrown out a computer or TV that still works, just needs a little TLC? Ever think that a local school or charity may be able to use it? When you recycle your electronics you give them a second chance to help others. Most electronics that are recycled are refurbished and reused. If the equipment is beyond repair, it can be disassembled and parts can be used on other products.

Recycling electronics isn’t only good for the environment, it is also a do-good deed for others in your community. Next time you are looking to get rid of some of your old electronics, don’t throw them to the curb. Go to the Telecommunications Industry Association’s E-Cycling website to find a local drop off center for your electronics.

Posted by: Lauren


3 Responses to E-Cycling

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