November 4, 2008

The day has finally arrived and I’m going to ask you what everyone will ask you today – have you voted yet?  And if the answer is yes, have you gotten your free cup of coffee at Starbucks?  I have done both and let me tell you, the line for coffee was much longer than the line to vote.  Sure I live in Rhode Island and we only have two electoral votes that always go to the Democrats and no one really visits us except in primary season because who cares about the spec of land below Massachusetts?   But I was sort of looking forward to seeing a line at the polls.  Not because I enjoy waiting, I’m actually the most impatient person I know when it comes to these things.  I just wanted to feel some buzz, some anticipation in the air about this historic day. 

Instead it took me more time to figure out where to put my “I VOTED” sticker than it did to obtain and cast my ballot.  Oh well.


I’m going to wear my sticker proudly today because though this isn’t my first time voting and it certainly won’t be my last, I am excited to participate in such a landmark election that truly has the possibility to change the course of America for decades to come.  I look at the world around me, I think about the idea of having children and a family some day and I want better for them.  For all of us.  I know we can do better than this. 

Don’t let anyone discourage you or tell you your vote doesn’t matter.  Participating in this day – it matters. 

So – did you vote yet?

Posted by: Ashley / ashleyatcaster on Twitter


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