Happy Birthday to Kim!

Yes it’s Halloween but it also happens to be our boss’ birthday so in honor of her, we thought we’d put together a list of some things that you may not know about Caster’s founder.

Ten Things (We Love) About Kim

  • Her love for her dog, Mattie (read about her here) knows no bounds and has been known to make special trips to the store to buy hamburgers if Mattie refuses to eat the dog food she is given.
  • She actually wrote in her Caster bio that she wants to learn how to surf but thinks that drowning is a horrible way to die.
  • If you ever share a hotel room with her, be prepared to sleep in arctic conditions and also know that she does sleep with earplugs and cannot hear a word you are saying.
  • She once was sweated on by Jon Bon Jovi at a Bon Jovi concert.
  • She’s a helluva table dancer – as evidenced by many press parties in Vegas and recently at a Caster wedding reception.
  • She is a phenomenal mother and once broke her foot from falling down the stairs and trying to prevent her daughter (a baby at the time) from injury.  She then attended CES in Las Vegas with the broken foot and had to roll around the show floor with a scooter.  That’s love, people.
  • She can gamble like no one we’ve ever seen and has been known to walk up to a roulette table, hit on double 0 and walk away with $700.
  • She loses or breaks her phone on a regular basis and we’re just waiting for someone to invent a velcro cell phone contraption that you can stick to your body – because that is so going to be her next bday gift.
  • She’s famous for being an awesome gift giver – ask any Casterites what they’ve gotten for their birthdays and past Christmases.
  • She’s got a bit of a sugar addiction and has been known to send people to the store for Now & Laters.

We could go on (and on, and on) but let’s just say that with Kim as a boss, things around here are never boring.   And if you know her as well as we do, you know what we’re talking about!

Posted by: Ashley
Contributors: Katie Short, Lauren Simmen, Molly Entin, Sarah Goodrich, Joe Hageman and Rebecca Pelton (even though all her contributions were vetoed)


12 Responses to Happy Birthday to Kim!

  1. Sarah says:

    I have to add this one story about Kim sacrificing herself for her employees’ enjoyment. One year, to celebrate the holidays, Kim took the Caster kids up to Vermont, to an awesome B&B for a weekend of shopping, dining, and hanging out in a beautfiul (and snowy) New England setting. All was well… and then she treated us to a horse drawn (she’s allergic to horses) hay ride (she’s allergic to hay) through a snowy forest of birch trees (she’s allergic to birch) on a Vermont farm full of cats (yep, allergic). I’ve never heard so many sneezes or witnessed complete puffery like this. She made it back to the B&B but went into complete allergy arrest and was forced to camp out in the shower, looped on benadryl… while the clothes she wore on the ride had to be sealed and removed from the premises before she could resume some state of normalcy. Oh yea, AND she was pregnant.

    Now that… is love.

  2. Drowning and fire — bad ways to die, I’d think.

    How do I sign up for Kimberly’s birthday gift list? I actually return her calls from time to time, so that should qualify me.

    Happy bday!

  3. Brian says:

    I would like to provide verification for two of these: 1. She’s a helluva [table] dancer – Verified but can never be fully explained in a public forum. 2. If you ever share a hotel room with her, be prepared to sleep in arctic conditions – Well, I can’t say that I’ve personally verified this one but it can be deduced based on my experience with her husband as a house guest. Less than .0001% of all human beings could possibly survive a night in the ‘arctic conditions’ that I know Joe enjoys, so it figures that they found each other!

    Happy Birthday

  4. castercomm says:

    LOL Sarah — I was five months pregnant and took 8 benadryl. I stilll had fun and the best blueberry pancakes of my life on that trip! KDL

  5. castercomm says:

    Julie — You are welcome to contribute any time! Both in ideas and actual hard goods. But maybe this is an idea for next year (my 32nd birthday) — best press suggestions for Kim’s birthday … KDL

  6. castercomm says:

    Brian — You have another Kim story you failed to mention about working until the last possible second of my preganancy with Max. If you remember correctly, after that cold arctic night you stayed with us, I went into labor in our meeting and had to excuse myself becuase they ended up being 3 minutes apart and Becca drove me to the hospital. Who else can say that! KDL

  7. joesommelier says:

    Brian – for the record my wife acclimated me to those arctic conditions, but now I am a worse offender than her. The ceiling fan has to be on and the window open even in the dead of winter. The A/C runs constantly in our house during the summer.

    And yes – Kim is a helluva good (table) dancer. Bar dancing is another story…

  8. Meagan Ellis says:

    I don’t know Poppa Joe, I can vouch for her bar dancing being pretty spectacular! I’d like to speak to Kim’s “enabling” side a bit. I remember one time when Kim was making me shots at Ted’s restaurant…orange creamsicle shots…..and lots of ’em! Sadly, I took a spill that night that caused some serious damage to my person. In true Kim fashion, she switched hats from enabler to caregiver and nursed me back to health.

    Another time, I was at the most ghetto hotel of all time with Kim while at a show. I think it was actually a welfare facility that a client had recommended we stay in. I became atrociously sick at this show, so Kim gave me the (relatively) cushy “real bed” and opted to spend the 3 nights on the broken down pull-out-couch. Oh, and the bottom of the pull out was broken, so she slept on 3/4 of a mattress with her feet pointing to the floor. And I’m pretty sure there were some ceiling tiles missing above the couch. Self-less doesn’t begin to describe Kim…

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!

  9. castercomm says:

    Oh Meagan, that story I remember. It was Florida, and don’t forget I fell through the pull out couch and got stuck in between the matress and the metal bar at the end with my feet dangling over…we laughed so hard I nearly had an “accident”. Love you! KDL

  10. Meagan Ellis says:

    Ha ha!! OMG, that still makes me hysterical!! Great mental image. Love you too – Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  11. Jen and Ronn says:

    We challenge anyone to make a better batch of brownies than Kim. They are so good that if you ask her to make you some they may not make to you. 🙂
    We love you. Happy Birthday!

  12. I’m a little late to the party…but wanted to wish you HBD just the same…Michael V.

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