Nothing to Lose but a lot to Gain

I am up late and am updating my posts and tweets; I am listening to random TV in the background and I have heard multiple infomercials. My stand out fave however is a product called  You got it, when a man takes ExtenZE, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I can’t help thinking is there social media around this community? Are there a bunch of 50+ year old men with erectile dysfunction who have met though an online community created by ExtenZE? Together they share side effects, solutions to common problems, and discuss the shortfalls of the packaging?  Do I just need sleep?

Hmmm, just educating myself. And my entire life has become one case study.

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One Response to Nothing to Lose but a lot to Gain

  1. extenze says:

    Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more
    about this. I’ll definitely be subscribing.

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