Audio Minute: Importance of speaker placement and “Best Speaker Ever” Forum Debate

Kudos to John Atkinson at Stereophile for espousing the following statement in his article Getting the Best from your Loudspeakers, “…inexpensive speakers, optimally set up, may well outperform more expensive models just plonked down willy-nilly.”

Esteemed freelance audio reviewer and blogger Steve Guttenberg seconds Mr. Atkinson’s sentiments in a blog post entitled Speaker Placement Tips for Audiophiles.

Atkinson goes on to say, “Entire books have been written about the relationship between loudspeakers and room acoustics, but the starting point for any successful setup is to position the two speakers and your listening chair as the pieces of an equilateral triangle; that is, the speakers are each as far away from you as they are from each other.” Forum Debate:
A very interesting and somewhat heated debate is happening in a forum entitled, “Best Sounding Speakers According to Scientific Tests.”

Personally I would throw out the term “scientific” since it’s far from a controlled experiement, and because many major brands are missing (No Paradigm?!?!) but it’s interesting to read how passionate people will debate a completely subjective topic, especially when it doesn’t include their preferred brand.

IMO, a speaker is only as good as a consumer says it is when listening to their favorite music or soundtrack so there’s no way of scientifically proving which is “best.”

Posted by: Nick


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