1 Day, 23 Hours and Counting…

Bidding on the OmniMount HOT PINK Prism 50 has reached $2550! This is GREAT news! OmniMount has almost reached their goal, but we need your bids to push them over the top.

I know, I know you are probably thinking what am I gonig to do with a hot pink piece of furniture? Who wouldn’t want this? I mean, come on – it is beautiful! Do you have a wife, daughter, niece, sister in your life that you love? This will make the perfect present. And, every time they look at it, they will be reminded to continue to help and support the fight against breast cancer. What more could you want!?!?


Ok, I know I sound like a cheesy salesman (or saleswoman to be PC), but in all seriousness, this Prism 50 represents a whole lot more than just a kick-ass piece of furniture. It represents everyone coming together to help in the fight against a disease the has effects so many innocent people.

Bid soon and bid often!

Posted by: Lauren


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