It’s no secret to those in this office that over the past month I have immersed myself into anything and everything social media.  It is an element of communications I always believed in – being a blogger myself and participating in the larger online community.  But I never knew exactly how I could add my knowledge on this medium to my job – that is, until it just hit me.  One day, very early in the morning over a cup of piping hot coffee.  I checked the daily news, headed over to some blogs and found this guy.  There was no going back. 

There are a lot of skeptics out there but let me be the first (or the hundredth) to assure you – web 2.0, social media, social anything – whatever you want to call it – it is very, very real.  And it’s not just for your twelve-year-old niece either.  The interactivity of the web has caused hundreds of thousands of people to take part in communities both small and large, creating a universe that moves fluidly between the internet and real life.  Gone are the days of the internet as a two-dimensional creature, existing only as a medium to deliver messages.  Welcome to the age of listening.  That’s right, listening. 

Social media is forcing companies to listen to the chatter around them as opposed to plugging along, pushing out approved messaging without considering the feedback from the intended audience.  I say forcing but I don’t mean it in a negative way at all – quite the opposite. 

In a Web 2.0 seminar at the CEA Industry Forum this week in Las Vegas, I listened as Comcast’s VP of Corporate Communications discussed the implications of one YouTube video (the sleeping technician) and how it transformed the entire communications strategy of the multi-million dollar cable giant.  Implementing a series of new plans, including several Comcast Twitter accounts designed to help customers have easier access to service technicians, the company turned corporate communications on its ear and gave its customers a better way to be heard.

What is her point? – you might be wondering.  Is this a revolution of the way we as PR professionals do our jobs?  In my humble opinion – without a doubt, absolutely.

Posted by: Ashley / follow me on Twitter: ashleyatcaster


One Response to 2.Oh…really?

  1. Jeremiah says:

    it’s the new web-age. we will look back in 5 years and wonder what took everyone so long to get on board.

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