Vegas baby

I am in Vegas. I love Vegas. The first time I came to Vegas there was nothing but the strip. When I flew in it was so dark and then this bright light (actually two bright lights which I later came to know as old Vegas and the Strip) appeared. It was so cool and a love formed.  Since that first trip I have been to Vegas more than 30 times. I love the restaurants (Nobu, Craftsteak, Sushi Roku). I love the shopping (Taryn Rose, Lucky, BCBG). I love the spas (Canyon Ranch, Ceasars and MGM). I love the shows (“O”, Love, Avenue Q). I love the clubs (Foundation Room, Body English, Pure). I love to gamble ( Roulette, Blackjack, Craps). I love that when I went to hang my do not disturb on my door, it said “Intimacy requested”. I love Vegas.

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