Blog Action Day 2008

I had a whole post planned for today.  I wanted to discuss my thoughts on how social media has played an almost insurmountable role in the communications efforts of both Barack Obama and John McCain’s presidential campaigns.  I had an entire theory on the rise and fall of John McCain – how hiring a campaign director who was extraordinarily web savvy could have been the game-changer that Palin was supposed to be.

Then I saw a post at the International Blogging & New Media Association telling me that today was Blog Action Day.  And so I put my post aside and signed our little blog up to take part.

Blog Action Day joins people from around the world, hundreds of thousands of bloggers really, who are interested in the fight to end poverty.  A lofty goal I will concede – but in these times a failing economy, it’s easy to forget that there are millions of people who worry about money every single day of their lives.  We talk about the middle class, their inability to make ends meet in trying times.  But we forget about the class below, the one that always struggles, no matter how high or low the DOW closes.

So I had a post written all about social media and the presidential campaign.  But it will have to wait.

Ashley / ashleyatcaster


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