So Twonderful

As Caster becomes more social network-savvy, many of us have found our way to Twitter. As a blogger who up until now as stayed as far away from Twitter (because it’s hard enough to stay up to date on blog posts, let along update what my “status” is every moment of the day),  once I learned the benefits it held for our business, I couldn’t get enough.

So here I am, MollyatCaster, twittering away.

Or Tweeting away, actually. See, there was something I didn’t know when I signed up for Twitter. Twitter has it’s own language. For example:

A Tweet is what you call your message sent out over Twitter. If I want to tell the world, “omigod, I’m getting married in 10 days!” (true story), I don’t post it, I tweet it.

Then, all the Tweeple who are following my posts can send out congratulation messages. (When we get more comfortable around each other, they’ll become my Tweeps.)

Excited, I write back “Thanks! Can’t wait for the wedding night, wink, wink!” Then automatically regret it, as I forgot that not only are my friends reading this, but so are people in the media that I would like to actually work with. Doh. What a total Mistweet. (Can also be considered a Twoops if I sent a private message out to everyone.)

Luckily, they find it funny, and based on my witty commentary ask if I’d like to get together for a drink. We have a Tweetup and I make some fabulous connections.

After our meeting, I rush back to the computer to check my Twaffic and see how many new followers I have.

I go to bed feeling really Twitteriffic about my day.

Man, this could go on forever. I feel like such a Twool.

Posted by: Molly


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