Where can I get me some “Mail Goggles”?

I have been unable to escape from the “Mail Goggle” subject in the past week. If you have not encountered the story on national news sites, have not had coworkers/friends email the link, and have not seen it on your local news station – where you have been? And, why have I been inundated with this forward? Things that make me go hmm, but moving on…

Mail Goggles is a new test-phase feature available through Google’s free email service, Gmail. (I heart Gmail) The feature requires users to solve a few simple math problems before hitting send “late at night on weekends”. I, for one, do not know a single person who needs to be deterred from this phenomenon called “drunk emailing”. Nor anyone who has partaken in its counter-part, Dialing. But for you, I will investigate this topic further.

Joking aside, I am astounished at the negative response from “the public”. (For this entry “the public” will serve as those individuals who find time to comment on news stories throughout the day, but whose sentiments we cannot assume are the popular opinion of the general public.) Commenters seemed enraged and disturbed that the company would launch a feature so “ridiculous”.

Does this email feature make your blood pressure rise THAT much? Really? Consider economic forecasts, war, poverty, your 401k… Still?  Have a massage. While you are at it, here’s a Grip.

Just imagine the versatility of this application! Fuming at a coworker, partner, vendor with an email account at your fingertips? What if you were required to answer easy, work related questions before sending?

Do you like your job? If yes, delete, wait an hour, redraft, we will reconvene then. If no, feel free to send as is and we advise you to visit www.monster.com.

You get the picture. It is a simple feature that requires you to stop, regain composure, hopefully find your sense (if temporarily unable to locate each of your senses).

For the record, I laughed aloud and thought “excellent”! It inserted a brief humor break into my work day, sparked my imagination to envision the endless possibilities, and I commend the non-conformist, humorous nature of this Gmail feature.

What did you think? Any clever applications?

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