Need more helicopter drama in your life?

I'm at your disposal 24/7, 365

I'm at your disposal 24/7, 365

If you’re like me, you enjoy watching Airwolf re-runs on the spur of the moment. It could be Sunday morning when cereal tastes its best and supersonic helicopter missle explosions sound there crispest, or sometimes its right before bed so you can fall asleep dreaming about ending the Cold War one fiery, hour-long engagement at a time.

Regardless of when the urge hits, one is left to wonder, “Where can I possibly find re-runs of an 80’s helicopter drama featuring Ernest Borgnine as a supportive character?” I’m glad you asked. It’s not a new service but I recently became aware of , an online TV and movie viewing service that costs the same as my frequently given bad advice, nothing. The quality is great, the navigation is clean and intuitive and most importantly, they have everything from last week’s episode of The Shield and The Daily Show to other favorite 80’s action programs like The A Team and Macgyver.

A mostly positive review of the site was done this year by the USA Today. With the emergence of websites such as Hulu, advances in DVR functionality and the increased stability of media servers and media center technology, it’s clear that on-demand entertainment is taking more eyes and ears off the traditional mediums, but that’s a post for another day. Right now it’s time to mix up some Tang, put a Jiffy Pop on the burner and wait for Stringfellow Hawke to foil another evil Libyan plot.

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