Photographic Field Study: The Worried Wall Street Trader Dude

As the pronouncements about our local, national and global economy grow increasingly dire and even outright terrifying, as the Dow continues its slide into oblivion (good thing I never had enough scratch to buy any stock!) and as we all worry about the future of mundane things like our jobs, home heating costs and our retirement plans, I thought it would be a good time to talk about the things that really matter. Like the daily photos of Wall Street traders caught candidly by intrepid photographers in moments of apparent panic, agony or despair.

Are these photos posed? Are the subjects’ actions deliberately distorted to fit a storyline or, more nefariously, distorted into propoganda to promote fear and despair?

You decide.

Take this guy. Is he really thinking, “Oh my gosh! Oh my golly! The sky is falling! I got the vapors!”?

Or is he just trying to cover up that weird cold sore that he may or may not have picked up at Scores the other night?

How about this guy? Is he panicking over the stock market? Or is he just dealing with a really bad headache? Or did he just see someone he really can’t stand? I don’t know, but my local newspaper ran it with a story about the collapsing economy, so I would assume he is totally wigging about that. Obviously. Right?

How about this cat? Is he pondering the complete collapse of his portfolio? Or did he recently quit smoking and he’s really jonesin’ right now? Or is he biting his fingernail, because he always does that?

This guy was either sneezing or yawning and there is no way you are telling me otherwise.

So, in summary, apparently I am this guy.

Posted by: Joe Paone


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