Eleventy Billion Websites and Counting…

If you are one of the tens of press people who visit this blog (and/or website) on a monthly basis, you know firsthand that it is primarily a resource aimed at helping us at Caster and you in the media more effectively handle our business. A recent overhaul of the site added more features including access to archived photos, an FTP site, company bios and testimonials. Streamlined client pages make viewing and downloading press releases and images that much easier for press folks while prospective clients will benefit from reading about our services (we don’t drink all the time).

Now it’s just not in my nature to overhype something that doesn’t deserve it but frankly, Caster’s new website is about as awesome as a fluffernutter on Wonder Bread with an ice-cold glass of 2%.

Don’t believe me? Compare it to these other websites that are about as useful as wet bag of pogs.

Museum of Bad Art – If I wanted to see bad art, I’d go to an elementary school

Neuticles – Testicular implants for your neutered pet, even non-traditional ones like water buffalo and prarie dogs. After all, nothing says companionship like a 900 lb. mammal with horns and silicon cojones.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement – OK, I can think of a few people would benefit from joining this.

So there you have it, we hope you’ll continue to visit our re-vamped site and pick from the informative and timely fruits that grow on its pages.



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