Did you look in an alfalfa field?

This is a random thought by Katie, but do you remember time capsules?

In third grade my teacher asked  our class to bring “personally significant” items to school for a time capsule. I can’t remember what I contributed, probably a Popple (younger colleagues, please tell me you know what that is!). This capsule (probably a cardboard box, now that I (try to) think about it) was buried in the school yard in hopes that when uncovered years later, the lucky trove hunter would be able to easily identify our class, our eight-year old “culture”, and the current events of 1986. Years later Beverly Hills 90210 dedicated an entire episode to this topic. I don’t know why I know that. Actually, yes I do. 🙂

I, for one, would LOVE to see what contribution I made in third grade. I’d probably be embarrassed at the selection. Not that any item I deem “personally significant” in 2008 would be more suitable. My iPod is NOT going into the ground.

Were time capsules a fad? Did anyone else partake in this activity? Do you still? Where are they? Will anyone care enough to retrieve it, or does that entirely contradict the point of the time capsule? 

I really would like to know.

What, you ask, prompted this stream of consciousness? I read about the man who recently tried to change in $20 million in decaying $100 bills for clean cash from the government. His explanation as to where he found $20 MILLION: Somebody dug up a tree and there it was; a relative found a treasure map (Goonies come to life!); and, it was found in a suitcase buried in an alfalfa field! …an alfalfa field, OF COURSE! Maybe our time capsules are there.

Posted by: Katie


One Response to Did you look in an alfalfa field?

  1. Joe says:

    I have no comment other than I love that you refer to yourself in the third person in the very first sentence.

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