My “Green” Adventure

As of today, my house has gone green…to a small extent. Built in 1860, my old Victorian home doesn’t make it easy for my fiancé and I to be very environmentally conscious. The walls, made with horsehair and lattice, aren’t insulated (with the exception of the two rooms we just renovated). As the saying goes however, “they just don’t build things like they used to” as it requires a surprisingly small amount to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

In these dog days of summer, the one thing that we have noticed is our attic gets incredibly hot (we considered transforming it into a sauna). Because of the heat in the attic, the second floor was getting very warm – the heat was just pouring down through the ceiling and although the insulation is new, it wasn’t doing the trick. We decided it was time to do something about it, and we installed an attic ventilation system.  With my fiancé being a firefighter he was cautious to put in an electric system – with our electrical system being VERY old he feared the possibility of a fire. After some consideration and research we decided on a solar powered system. It only cost about $75 more than the electrical powered systems so we decided to go for it. The installation took him and a friend only 1 ½ hours to complete, and just like that we are saving ourselves enough in heat and cooling costs that the system will pay for itself in the next year.

We might not have installed solar panels and figured out how to recycle and reuse our water, but we did manage to save ourselves a little bit of money on energy costs – and get a tax write-off! It just goes to show you that you don’t have to be an ecogeek and small things can help to decrease your footprint on the environment as well as save a little green in the wallet.

Posted by: Lauren



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