Oldest Blogger Dies.

Considering my grandmother just learned how to use a microwave, it’s refreshing and amazing for me to read about the 108 year old woman in Australia who recently passed away, taking the title of “World’s Oldest Blogger” along with her. I never knew about Olive Riley’s blog (http://www.allaboutolive.com.au/) until she was dead yet something about a person born in 1899 STARTING a blog after she had already hit the century mark is to me, an amazing accomplishment.

Credited by elderly folks around the world with helping them overcome their fear of computers and technology, Olive was not only an inspiration to her peers but to anyone who read this story. This is a woman who never SAW a telephone until she was 20 years old yet managed to build the 7000th most read blog in the world (out of 80+ million).

In an age where everyone seems to be after their 15 minutes, it’s nice to see the youngest of 12 children born before modern times receive adulation for a life well-lived.

G’day Olive, RIP!



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