A Nod to Glenn Beck

I am exactly a week late and have missed all 4th of July firework displays for the second year in a row due to other “activities” while vacationing on Nantucket. This entry will serve as my 4th of July celebration.

This morning I ran across Glenn Beck’s What’s Right with America? Plenty commentary on CNN.com. If you haven’t read it (and if you are not an eternal pessimist), I encourage you to.

To preface this post, I like to call myself “a 2-4” (think surveys) personality. I rarely entirely agree or completely disagree; there is always a grey area populated by challenging viewpoints which one should consider. I am not a vocal patriot, nor do I share political views in part because I am, admittedly, not as educated about world/national issues as I should be, and also because our office breeds individuals who are far more impassioned and opinionated about these topics. Today, however, I’m going to break the “no religion, no politics, no sensitive issue” blog policy and give a “KS Thumbs Up” to Glenn Beck’s article. I whole-heartedly agree!

In a cluster of news stories citing economic woes, murders, (insert topics) in the world, it is refreshing to read an article that briefly recognizes the benefits of living in the US. I have lived abroad and the next time I growl at the ever-growing health insurance deduction from my paycheck, I will try to remember that never again do I want to be a patient within another country’s socialized healthcare system. (Please don’t misunderstand me, there is definitely dramatic room for improvement here, specifically in RI.) And the next time “someone” tells me to shut off Lee Greenwood (which I DO play annually on 9/11 and 7/4), I’ll turn the music up.

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