If we can’t make fun of ourselves…

If you met me you may be shocked to find out that two of my undergraduate years at the University of Rhode Island were spent as an engineering major. Forget Brown’s ivy league status, UR-High in its heyday was highly-regarded as the Ocean State’s most prominent higher education establishments… oh wait, that was Playboy and the school’s ranking as “#1 party school in the nation”. Anyway… URI’s engineering program is ACTUALLY a well-regarded program, but after two years I transferred into the College of Business’ Marketing program; from which I later graduated.

Why the transfer? Then, I told myself (and my engineering father who did NOT appreciate my sentiments at the time) that my classmates were anti-social geeks that I did not want to be surrounded by, nor work with, for the rest of my life. No offense intended. I was a sorority girl (insert comment here). Now, I work in the consumer electronics industry where, I am PROUD to say, I am surrounded by sexy, cutting-edge products and (dare I say) still surrounded by geeks.

While viewing CE industry newsletters this afternoon, I was made aware that CE Pro magazine launched their inaugural “Ultimate Geek Awards”. I am now on the prowl. I am looking for my favorite “Geek”. Finally, an award submission that I am looking forward to completing. So many beloved partners to choose from, so little time.

Not sure what to look for? By providing “innocent” suggestions regarding the characteristics which best describe the Ultimate Geek, CE Pro prompted me to reflect on my dearest co-workers. “Do your co-workers…”

  • Do geeky things in his or her free time? (Yes, yes they do… I have dubbed this “geek-ing out”.)
  • Spend an inordinate amount of time buying, updating and organizing tools (Ashley, you are my deleted email “Go-To Girl” and I love you for it! Becca, Post-it Notes; enough said.)
  • Savor nerd-tastic mags and Web sites (Joe P, I love that you send me daily links to articles that you find for “pitching purposes” only. Admitting it is the first step, Joe.)
  • Wear comfortable shoes (OH the HORROR! Molly, unfortunately you will never be the ultimate Geek.)
  • Be seen encumbered by paraphernalia (hmmm… I’m not touching this one.)

To nominate your beloved geek, check it out on cepro.com.

 Posted by: katie


One Response to If we can’t make fun of ourselves…

  1. Molly says:

    Comfortable shoes? What are those???

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