Life|ware Connects Innoventions Dream Home in Disneyland!

Disneyland, together with Life|ware, HP, Microsoft and Taylor Morrison have revamped the “House of the Future” and created the Innoventions Dream Home Exhibit in Disneyland. The 5,000 square foot Innoventions Dream Home is both a show and a showcase, offering guests of all ages a hands-on experience with new in-home technologies, some that are practical and some that are astounding. Life|ware brings the home to life to provide the fictional Elias family with entertainment anywhere in the Home; to recognize each member of the Elias family as he or she enters a room and tailors it to reflect personal preferences; and to help the house run more efficiently with the rhythm of the Elias family’s everyday life. Life|ware showcases a variety of existing products and emerging technologies within Dream Home, enabling guests to interact with each piece and imagine how technology might enhance digital living experiences in their own homes. 

For more information on the Disney Innoventions Dream Home, click here.

Posted by Lauren


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