It Keeps Climbing and Climbing and Climbing…

This headline caught my eye this morning and I thought it was my obligation to pass it along to those of you who might care. “Robot Climbs Grand Canyon on AA Batteries”. So who do you think was behind the climbing power? The Energizer Bunny? Wrong.

The Robot Evolta — by Panasonic — kept climbing and climbing up a rope dangling from a Grand Canyon cliff for nearly seven hours on a pair or AA batteries that Japan’s Panasonic is billing as the world’s longest lasting. To prove the durability of the new alkaline batteries, Panisonic’s 5oz, 6.7inch blue imp clasped a rope with its arms and feet and just kept climing until the batteries stopped working — which happened to be some 1,740 feet or six hours and 46 minutes later. Robot Evolta can now be found in the Guineess Book of World Records.

Take that Energizer!

Want to know where you can get these extreemly long lasting batteries? For those of us in the States, we will have to wait a little bit longer. The Evolta batteries were launched in Japan in April and are expected to launch overseas later this year.

To read more about the Little Blue Robot that could…click here for the full article.

 Posted by Lauren


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