Weird News of the Day

Stupid, but true.

Lost Parrot Tells Veterinarian His Address

Tokyo – A parrot named Yosuke flew out of his cage and got lost. So the smart little guy did the only thing he knew — he repeated his name and address over and over and over to anyone who would listen. Well, not anyone. The African grey parrot refused to speak to police after being rescued from a rooftop, but opened up freely to a local veterinarian. Yosuke provided the vet with his full home address, including street number, and even entertained the vet staff with songs.

Thieves steal 2,000 pound anchor, nobody notices

La Crosse, WI – Thieves stole a 2,000 pound, six-foot anchor mounted outside the Naval Reservist Station. No one noticed the gray-blue anchor was missing.

For months.

The anchor was reported missing Saturday.  A representative for the Naval Reservist Oversight Committee said the anchor must have been stolen sometime between December 31 and Thursday.

Undergarments Go Green

Tokyo – A Solar bra that generates enough energy to power a cell phone or an iPod is now available. And not only that, it contains a small pouch for water so you no longer have to carry around those toxic hard plastic bottles. The bra by Triumph International Japan Ltd includes a solar panel worn around the waist. But since the bra needs sun to work correctly, the bra will not be available for purchase any time soon as “people usually can not go outside without wearing clothes over it.”

Instead of TP…

Boulder City, NV – A Nevada company has created a personal cleaning product to eliminate the use of toilet paper. The product is designed to clean backsides more efficiently than toilet paper or standalone bidets.

“Using toilet paper to clean our bottoms is like trying to clean dishes with a paper towel,”  the founder said. “Our product provides a practical and more natural way to be clean, while reducing an average family’s toilet paper consumption by up to 75 percent.”

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