Toys For Tots – High-Tech Ones

Today’s young children are quickly closing in on becoming the world’s youngest tech geeks – and apparently that doesn’t seem to bother anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, some of the tech toys out there for children (i.e. the Leap Frog lines) are a great tool for educational development in children, but are we flirting along that fine line of destroying their childhood with too many gadgets?

Little Jane gets to play with pint-sized laptops and cell phones and digital cameras, so she can be just like mom and dad. Toy companies defend their “creations” by saying that children want to emulate their parents. Don’t mom and dad realize that their children have the rest of their lives to be glued to their PDA? What adult doesn’t miss the “good old days” of being a kid? Are we really threatening to take that away from them?

What happened to the times of Barbie dolls and GI Joes? Anyone else’s parents used to make them play outside on nice days and not let them back in until dinner time? Fisher Price actually came out with a “virtual bicycle”…as if real bikes aren’t “cool” anymore. No wonder why child obesity in this country is growing at exponential rates. Today children see “play” as a computer or video game. Wait, isn’t Wii a great source of exercise for children? That’s what I thought.

Children are faced with a lot more than we were growing up. School is much tougher than it was even 5 years ago. Sixth graders are already being prepped for college; children are forced to walk through metal detectors just to get into class. Their livelihood and innocence is being taken away from them at a much younger age. Are we really ready to take away their imagination too?

Posted by: Lauren


One Response to Toys For Tots – High-Tech Ones

  1. Man this is really a complex issue. I am certainly scared by how children have to grow up these days, and am glad that I ‘came up’ when I did.

    It’s true that they’ll have the rest of their lives to be ‘glued to their PDA’, but when I try to imagine what their lives will be like, it’s clear that they will be expected to know these things at almost a chromosomal level. Is that ‘progress’?? Opinions may vary, but the reality is that the horse is riding hard in that direction.

    I also agree that Leap Frog seems to do a good job here, their products seem very well thought out, but they are perhaps the exception?

    As far as obesity, now THAT is going to be a H U G E problem in many ways. I’m now 57, and struggle with my weight, but have only really had to do so post 50. I cannot imagine being 10 and obese…what are the chances of ever recovering from that?

    Exercise is certainly a factor, but I think that diet is the real elephant in the room here, and not just fast food either. Have a look at the amount of high fructose corn syrup, and other marvels of science in almost any supermarket food…well that’s my 2 cents :>)


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