NuVo Technologies Announces Effective Treatment for Manic Compression

I’ve never been a fan of compressed music, even on an iPod. I love the sound of a live band recording in a nice-sounding room. I love round sounds. When it comes to the highly-compressed MP3s and AAC files commonly found on the internet, the cymbals sound so tinny and the guitars sound so invisible and the music sounds so flat and shrill that my iPod has been officially retired, gathering dust with my Intellivision and my cassingles.

Now I can just imagine how I’d feel about taking those selfsame files to their absurd conclusion: playing them throughout my house or, worse, through an audiophile-grade home theater system. Oh, the agony.

This is what 830 CDs now looks like.So when my client NuVo Technologies stepped to me with its new 500GB (that’s a half-TERABYTE) NV-M3-500 music server, I was afraid I’d hear the usual “You can store eight zillion iTunes tracks on here!” spiel. I should have known to trust them, though, because these people are just as deadly serious about music as I am. Instead of the “more of less is more” pitch, NuVo told me, and is telling its customers, to put uncompressed WAV files on the NV-M3-500 to best take advantage of the ample storage space it offers. NuVo’s engineers say you can fit the equivalent of 830 full-length albums of uncompressed, CD-quality tracks on this slim and sexy server, which appears to take up a lot less space than the usual suspects.

I’ll take two, please.

Posted by: Joe


2 Responses to NuVo Technologies Announces Effective Treatment for Manic Compression

  1. Grant says:

    Don’t dis the intellivision. Life wouldn’t be the same without it. I miss my dodge dart too.

  2. castercomm says:

    Oh, unlike the iPod and cassingles, I actually love my Intellivision, Grant! I still have a few dozen of the original cartridges too. It’s just that they’re sitting in a box along with the console, and I am wondering when I will ever have an occasion to pull them out and actually use them.

    Perhaps I can host some sort of tournament. I am sure the S.O. would love that… 😛

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